announcing: my patreon

Hi, Pithy Outcomes readers! I apologize in advance for this blatant self-promotion, but isn’t that all newsletters are, at their core? Today I launched a Patreon—a platform where you can throw me a couple bucks and I can continue to write more. It’s like a digital tip jar. I’ve found over the past year that people tend to respond more to the newsletter I write for free than they do the work I get paid to write, and after thinking about it for a while (too long, some might say) I finally decided to let people pay for my writing if they want to.

How does this affect this newsletter? It doesn’t! You can stay subscribed to me here, and you’ll keep getting this newsletter for free every week. If you pay, you’re paying for early access to the newsletter, or for a second newsletter a week, or for miscellaneous other little benefits, depending on how much you feel like forking over. You paying me helps me keep writing my newsletter, and gives me the flexibility to work on other writing projects, like the book proposal I really need to finish. 

You’re absolutely not obligated to pay me for my writing—I deeply appreciate that anyone here is reading and engaging with my thoughts and writing at all in the first place. But I’d be remiss to not try to use the thing I’m good at and like doing to pay my rent, too.

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