This thing still on?

Some editorial updates

Hello! I hope you are enjoying these first days of fall, where I dare the weather to be cold enough to wear a cashmere crop turtleneck and then it isn’t and I optimistically wear it anyway and then I’m sweaty and eating tacos outside.

The main reason I’m publishing this newsletter, which has been sitting open in a tab on my Macbook since 7:30 am, is because I wanted to tell you all that I am blogging on Medium now! Blogging: it’s back and it’s good. Medium asked me to write for them, so I am doing that now. It will have the flavor of this kind of newsletter-y stuff that a couple thousand of you have decided to know and love, though I hope to do a little more reporting along beats like tech, consumerism, labor, and media. Why am I even saying any of this when I can simply point you to my intro post from Monday that says all of this and more?

For a little while I thought that my friends and I could save media, whatever that means. We had a lot of ideas about worker-owned co-op models, and revenue sharing, and being better for writers than vampiric platforms could be. I’m still very interested in doing this, but I think I need some time away from trying to save a decaying industry and instead I’m gonna simply blog for a while. I’m grateful that other people at places like and Defector and Study Hall are putting in the work and can optimistically see a sustainable path forward for independent journalists and writers. My friend Kate wrote a good piece about this whole thing and all of these good people today.

Anyway! For now when you want to read me you can do it at Medium. Please follow me over there so you don’t miss a single post. If you go there now, you can read about my cow vacation last week. It was very nice and I only cried out of happiness once.