some nice things i’m thinking about while making lunch

instead of publishing less like i originally intended to do maybe i’ll publish more on here now, or maybe just more erratically. anyway:

  • Seeking refuge from an August heatwave, sitting in the front row seats at Alamo, which are actually the best seats because they recline back, with Kate, ordering Diet Cokes, watching Hereditary through my fingers clasped over my eyes.

  • Trying to get a table at MeMe’s for brunch in November 2018 before I was really friends with Emma. Instead of waiting 2.5 hours for a table, we went to Olmsted and sat in the backyard wrapped in our jackets, dipping bacon egg and cheese eggrolls in green ketchup and drinking coffee for two hours.

  • Filling up adult sippy cups with rose and taking them with us on our night walk from Polly’s house out to the bay to watch fireworks in July in the Hamptons, and then coming home to hang out with her grandma.

  • Attending one of countless parties at Old Stanley’s, sitting outside at a picnic table on the back patio with Mary and her roommate and Hannah, inhaling everyone else’s secondhand cigarette smoke and drinking a bottled high life and nibbling at a cake Kate made for someone’s birthday.

  • My first fall in New York, when all I did was walk extensively throughout north Brooklyn and eat falafel pitas from Oasis and spend every weekend at the same bar off of the Jefferson L that sells cans of Genesee. 

  • Making a strawberry olive oil cake for a picnic in Prospect Park last June, getting too impatient waiting for it to cool, and carrying an entire sheet tray of cake in my arms to the park from my apartment.

  • Breakfast arancini on the beach with Amanda and Corey in Sicily, September 2018. Every morning we would wake up, put on our bathing suits, walk down into town by the water, pick up a rice ball the size of a softball, and eat it in our lounge chairs at the beach club we paid 5€ to stay in for the day. Then we’d leave and get pistachio gelato.

  • Getting slices of chocolate chess pie from Petey’s Pies at the end of a first date I didn’t realize was a first date four years ago.

  • The last night Maggie was in the city visiting from Munich, when we decided we needed to give her a full weekend-in-Brooklyn experience so we took her to Hart’s for dinner and then the Mayflower and Left Hand Path and Mood Ring and Birdy’s all in one night and we met one of the guys who owns the waffle place in Syracuse AT Birdy’s at 2:30 am and it was in that moment I realized we really needed to go home. 

  • Befriending the guy on the stretch of the beach in the Rockaways near the Beach 90th A stop who sells the good nutcrackers, the ones that come semi-frozen with actual pieces of fruit suspended mid-bottle. This is how you drink them: you buy one from the guy who always has eight varieties in his backpack at any given time, realize it’s still frozen, go take a dip in the water, come back, drink the half that isn’t frozen, remember it is mostly liquor, go up to the boardwalk to get fries at Rippers and an iced tea to dilute the nutcracker because you’re a baby, come back to your perch on the sand, make a mixed drink, and fall asleep for half an hour.